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Complete Framework


At The Possible Future we believe in adding value all along the way, we will coach your way through your own personal journey to greatness. We will mentor you when needed, and we will guide you whether you want to grow your career, start your business or simple accomplish those elusive hard to get goals. Our coaching techniques will help you align you wants, needs and capabilities to allow you to grow in the right direction. And we have a proven framework to do so, take a peak below at the problems we solve for and how we solve them in each stage of your journey.


This phase is about finding what really makes you fill fulfilled in life, what is your mission in life, clarifying what you have to offer to the world that no one else can and understanding what it takes to breakthrough your comfort zone.. Half of the battle of starting your journey to true happiness is having a clear understanding of what makes you happy, what is your true higher purpose in life, and we will help you do that in a way that will shift the way you look at life.



This is your first step to start making better decisions, to provide yourself direction and stop being a life drifter.

You feel unfulfilled - What does it mean: That nothing you do, no matter how successful you may be, you won't feel fulfilled unless you understand the bigger picture and seek what matters the most to you.

You will live a life with clear purpose. Anything you do based on your values will fill your heart, will make you feel happy. 


Understand the true reason why you are not feeling fulfilled. It's time to dig deeper.

You are Unaligned - What does it mean: There is lack of alignment between your core values and how you live your life. There is a need to understand what really makes you happy at a deeper level, to understand what brings you happiness and makes you feel alive.


Identify your core target audience and establish a Brand Positioning Statement that truly addresses your clients problems and legitimize yourself as an expert in the area.

You can't figure out how to break through the noise and stand out in a competitive market - What does it mean: You feel like you are not getting traction, your expectation of growth is not being met, or you don't even know who your true target audience really is.

It's time to nail down who your client is, what problem you solve in your unique way to stand out from the competition. 


This phase is about planning envisioning a plan that can be executed step by step. You will be clear on the journey you are taking on and we will build and break down an accountability system that will build up your dream into goals with measurable action and tangible progress.



Breakthrough your comfort zone - The NEW YOU doesn't need OLD approvals.

You are crippled by self doubt - What does it mean: The thoughts that you are not good enough, you don't feel that are worthy, you have been told many times you can't / won't make it. You don't feel capable, there is better than me out there.

It's time to reprogram your beliefs and feel confident when tackling those things that matters to you.


The new you need new goals, time to align your goals to the new you with a plan that is attainable and that will enable your happiness.

Your goals seem to big or unattainable - What does it mean: You goals are out of touch with what you want to accomplish and what you can really do. You either don't know where to start, or you do but it seems a long way to the finish line.

SMART goals are well known as they are intended to build your accountability with specific attributes  that will help you gain momentum towards the desired results. And if you pair it with HARD and STRICT goals that are to meant to help you with what is actually strategically required, tied to your values and push you out of your comfort zone, then you start gaining powerful momentum in a meaningful way that you have never experienced before, pushing you to take action in the most critical aspects of your life


YOUR plan to hold YOUR-SELF accountable - Map out your success

You feel overwhelmed - What does it mean: There is lack of clarity of where to start, where to go next, how to map out the entire journey. There is anxiety of the unknown. "How do I do all of this?"

You will be clear on the journey you are taking on and what you need to do to get to where you want to go, who you want to become.


This phase is about taking action and getting started in your journey, minimize disruptions and gaining powerful momentum towards achieving your goals. The plans you have outlined on Phase 2 will come to life and you will find opportunities to adapt your lifestyle to provide yourself a better opportunity to achieve your goals faster while getting clear on the things you need to do to start your legitimate business and market it appropriately.



Building & Breaking Habits - Break with the Bad, Build what Works for you. 

Build the foundation - Habits are the pillars to sustain your vision, they support your new creation from it's foundation.

You are inspired but you are limited with time. What does it mean: It means that you are clear on what you want in life, but your current lifestyle doesn't support the growth you are looking for.  

Habits are the secret sauce to a healthy life – or the recipe for an unhealthy one, depending on what's in question. Habits are tricky little creatures in that they're easy to build when they immediately reward us, but feel near impossible to start when the benefits aren’t instantly obvious.  Acquiring new habits will enable the right mindset so that you can take those actions to fulfil your plan as you embody the new vision of you and act on the plan to achieve your goals


Learn everything you need to know about starting a business with this complete guide.

You are ready to go, but you are anxious with everything that is on your plate to launch a new brand. What does it mean: It means that you are ready to get your idea going, bring your dreams to life, but there is a lot you already know you have to do, and a lot of unknowns. 

Having this comprehensive checklist of 25 things you have to consider before or during your business kick off is essential to keep you on track to a successful startup.


Take your first steps into marketing your business the right way, so you don't have to re-do and re-launch your brand.

You are clear on your brand and your offer, but your clients are still not buying from you. What does it mean: It means that you are clear on what your service or product is, but the you don't have a well crafted branded offer and you are having challenges to convert your clients into loyal clients and advocate for your brand.  

Having a good solid Brand Positioning Statement will help you move from selling to persuading by creating an offer that is in nature, an irresistible offer.


This phase is about finding the right opportunities to amplify your network, improve the way you sale your product or service & identify your opportunities to grow.
Understanding your inner circle of inference and the impact that network has in your life, projects and business is critical for your growth, happiness and ultimate success.
Through our proven framework you will learn how to position and reinvent yourself in a methodical manner that makes sense, and doesn't require starting from scratch every single time.




Build a network that works for you - Send a positive signal to amplify your reach

You don't feel supported - What does it mean: No one supports me. My husband, my family, my friends, my coworkers … they don't believe in me and I start loosing confidence I can do this. It's hard and I need someone who can hold my hand through all this. It's hard to do it all by myself.

In this module we will help you build a network that works for you, based on your deepest beliefs that supports your future being. You have to connect with the right people to build your network. By adjusting your network you will acquire the right support structure to enable your growth. 


I am not a salesperson - What does it mean: I can't seem to draw people to my product or service and I am uncomfortable trying to sell anybody anything, if they like it they will be attracted to it and they will seek my service or product. I don't want to be pushy.

We will present you with a way to structure your offer that will be irresistible to your potential clients, that if understood and applied properly you can use it to your advantage when trying to persuade others to take a specific action without really making a salesperson out of yourself.


Find a way to get better every day.

You are doing well, but you are stagnant: What does it mean? You started working on something that is important to you and you are doing well, but you can't seem to nail down what is next, how to get better, you seem to have hit a wall and can't make meaningful progress anymore, you are unhappy with your current progress after getting started.

Continuous improvement is incremental and exponential - it keeps the forward movement. Building a structure to support continuous daily improvement is critical to become an unstoppable force and be a better version of yourself over time.

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