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STRICT - 6 Goal setting principles

The Possible Future Framework - Strict Goals

Setting up SMART GOALS all by themselves will limit your LIMIT YOUR POTENTIAL as we tend to narrow our focus on specifics that are attainable within a specific time frame. Our coaches and their coaching practice have developed STRICT Goals, and discovered that is all about connection, emotion and passion with your goals. It transforms your goals; it provides meaning and purpose, providing a deeper emotion connection to them.

STRICT is a proprietary framework that has a set of 6 Principles to set meaningful goals that drive true value directly related to what matters to you in your life.

Although we would love to coach you through the process of self discovery, this template will get you started in the right direction, whether you want to become an entrepreneur, or you just want to rock at life and see your life goals become a reality!


Following this method, you will be able to align your strategic goals to your mission and vision, and focus on what is truly meaningful to you, while avoiding narrowing your focus based on your current limitations.


Brought to you by our coaches at The Possible Future LLC 

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