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The Possible Future Framework -  Amplify your network

What we have realized over time is that growing your current network is much more important on the onset of your branding than paying for ads. Ensuring that you have the full support of the people around you as it is critical not just at the beginning, but also in during your entire journey, building a community that enhances support and provides the right mindset to look for opportunities instead of just observing roadblocks with frustration.

As we walk you through the framework, you will realize who is boosting your signal and who is lowering your bars. Adjusting the network will allow you to enable the right environment for growth, both personal and at a brand level without necessarily spending money on paid advertisements. At least not at the beginning when you need all that money spent in other ways.

As a coach, we will walk your through the process of discovering where you are at developing and boosting your network. Here is the template to get you started.


Brought to you by a Life Coach at The Possible Future LLC 

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