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The Possible Future Framework - Business Startup - The 25 must do

You may want to start your own business for many reasons.

Some of the most common reasons entrepreneurs start businesses include:

  • To be in control: When you own your own business, you decide the products or services you offer, create systems you think work best and hire the team members you want to support the growth of the business. You’re in complete control of what you do and how you do it.

  • To enjoy flexibility: Owning your own business can give you the flexibility to set your own schedule and build a business around your ideal lifestyle. This can be particularly beneficial for people who want to ensure they have the work/life balance to spend more time with friends and family. People who enjoy traveling could build an online business that allows them to operate from anywhere.

  • To build something they love: Starting a business allows you to make money off of your interests and skills. Whether you love cooking or helping people get fit, you can start a business that turns your interests into income.

  • To help people: Whether your goal is to create a business that helps others directly or provides jobs for others in your community, many small business owners cite the ability to help people as one of the primary benefits of starting a business.

  • To change the world: Many entrepreneurs want to create something that improves the lives of others in some way.

  • To earn a higher income: Since you can set your own prices, you could potentially earn more as a small business owner than you would if you did the same work for someone else’s business.


There are many paths to starting your own business and become an entrepreneur. Whether you start small with little or no funding or find investors to get up and running fast, there are certain steps you should consider taking to help you create a foundation for success.


We cover this entire list in our training with an entrepreneur coach in one of our sessions, but here is the checklist for you to start your own Small Business and don't forget anything along the way.


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