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The 6 Principles to align your Goals to True Happiness

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

What we all seek, and why we fail to attain it.

Although the definition of success may be different for everyone, we all want to be successful, don’t we? People want to be successful; they want to feel they have accomplished something on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis.

So, we set up at least a few goals to feel accomplished, but what we fail to recognize is goals on their own only provide a temporary sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Humans are ambitious by nature, and we will always crave more. So even in the best-case scenario, even when you do accomplish your goals, it will be natural for you to jump from one goal to another and still not feel accomplished, happy, or fulfilled for more than a short period of time.

Setting up goals is not a bad thing at all. As a matter of fact, I believe it is very much needed for everyone to have goals. But it can create a false sense of safety, a false of happiness and fulfillment that can turn into a toxic relationship with yourself.

Accomplishing some of these goals could be a mere pad in the back. The real need is for a clear vision of where they are really heading to so they can suffice their higher calling, their reason to exist, their why, their purpose.

So, what is in your way?

But the need for some sort of recognition is real. It’s important to feel accomplished and maintain the course, see progress in your life. But that same immediate need to feel accomplished, the need for recognition and instant gratification is hindering you to focus on what is really meaningful to you.

You end up loosing focus of what is really meaningful and the obvious result of that is neglect. You are neglecting living your passion, your dreams because that instant gratification got on your way. Although some people do have a passion for leadership, and in a way they feel accomplished with these moves; most of us aren't.

Let's say you have a great idea for a product or service, or a passion to ride horses, or take care of animals, but your corporate career is going well and you just got a promotion, that pays you an extra $15,000 or more! Now you are excited about the new salary boost, this new role and the possibilities that comes along with it and you take it without hesitation thinking how your life is changing, how this is a step in the right direction. And the result is, you got distracted with immediate gratification.

I get it, this causes you to feel accomplished in the moment, feeling good that your day to day efforts are getting finally noticed. But the sad truth is that for most of us, when we realign our goals to "get a promotion, become manager, get a new job, make XXX amount of money", we are truly doing a dis-service to ourselves because we are not truly aligning our beliefs with our desired end game.

So the momentary instant gratification that these non-meaningful goals brings you, what it truly does is delay your actions to the true happiness you are seeking.

All you do with accepting this "career journey" and taking on this next step is you intensify your sadness and frustration.

I call this, the entrepreneur awakening.

For what is worth, this is my story

I have always found myself at ease while setting up goals, it has always been easy for me during career. Whether they were personal or professional goals tied to my role, it was easy for me to do so.

Accomplishing these goals had its own set of challenges though, but nothing was impossible. The main challenge was that those goals did not always correlate with a successful journey, my own journey. But that revelation did not present itself as a clear sign over my head with flashing lights. I have struggled to understand why I was not feeling really accomplished although I was truly crushing my goals on a yearly basis. I was getting promotions, awards, and bonuses, and I was feeling like I was accomplishing a lot, and yet nothing at all. Yes, just you like probably felt at times, my own journey was painful. Even while accomplishing my goals, I felt short of feeling fulfilled.

And then I had a revelation, although the goals were SMART, they didn't have enough meaning to me personally. So, I had to define my goals for me and my team in a way that there was a true emotional connection, with true meaning, so we came up with our own proprietary framework and we made them STRICT.

What is the STRICT methodology?

Setting up SMART GOALS alone will limit your LIMIT YOUR POTENTIAL as we tend to narrow our focus on specifics that are attainable within a specific time frame. STRICT Goals is all about connection, emotion and passion. It transforms your goals; it provides meaning and a deeper emotion connection.

STRICT is a proprietary framework that has a set of 6 Principles to set meaningful goals that drive true value directly related to what matters to you in your life.

Following this method, you will be able to align your strategic goals to your mission and vision, and focus on what is truly meaningful to you, while avoiding narrowing your focus based on your current limitations.

I have worked with hundreds of individuals and teams that have challenged themselves to greatness while aligning their strategic goals to their purpose, tapping into this new meaningful life. Knowing they were working on something special fueled their drive with a passion they have not experienced before, propelling them into a previously unexperienced thirst to challenge themselves into greatness.

The Possible Future LLC Framework - 6 Easy Principles to accomplish your Life Goals
The Possible Future LLC Framework

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