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How to Embrace today, and enjoy life now! - with Social Media Influencer, Maria Hering

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

This week on the The Possible Future Podcast we had the honor of hosting social media influencer Maria Hering!

Maria have experienced the ups and downs in life. She has been on the spotlight more than once in her career and became famous for it. She has been featured in movies, TV shows and she has recorded an album and been on tour. But much of this fame came with a price to be paid; a lot of anxiety and believe it or not, emotional emptiness.

So Maria decided to embark herself in a journey of self love. With the right support and mindset she has found her peace, freedom and happiness; and now she is using the fame she gained along the way to share her wisdom and caring message.

Our conversation while recording the podcast episode was very honest, open and rich, full of good recommendations. And Maria was kind to let us take a quick peak into her personal life and share what she does nowadays to ensure she fills fulfilled, happy and making the right impact with other people.


These are some of my key takeaways from this conversation with our friend Maria:

  • Start with yourself. Demand yourself mental peace and a good environment. Reconnect with yourself. After all, you are with yourself 24/7 so you might as well treat yourself right.

  • You can have it all, be rich, and still feel very much empty. Don't compare personal success with having money. Instead, work on understanding what really makes you happy.

  • Self development goes beyond taking online classes, is taking baby steps towards growing and loving yourself more.

  • Learning to shift your energy when you are having a bad day to acquire a positive mindset is lifechanging - It's a lifestyle choice, and as such, it will change your life, it's a total gamechanger.

  • What you consume you become. Food, books, podcast, including friendships and even how your treat and speak to yourself. Be mindful of that, start with treating yourself right, it starts at home.

  • Progress over perfection any day of the week. Small progress compounds to big changes over time. Don't underestimate the impact of the small things you do today, they all add up.

  • Embrace today, life is happening now! The past are memories, and your future is just a projection. Embrace your present and enjoy what you do today regardless of what you are working towards in the future.

Maria is not just a pretty face, she is jammed packed with wisdom and she has the warmest heart.

If you want to get a daily dose of Maria's wisdom you can follow her on Instagram - @MariaHering_

listen to this podcast episode

If you want to listen to the full conversation here is the link to the episode:


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