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How to coach teenagers and help them with their anger issues.

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Today we have an amazing guest in our podcast and it was fascinating to discuss the different challenges and aspects of coaching adolescents. Randy Free is an executive life coach for men and mentor to adolescent males.

Coaching teenagers to resilience
The Possible Future Podcast - Randy Free

Randy has been a passionate men’s advocate for over three decades. and he has mentored hundreds of men and boys and guided them through life’s challenges and through his leadership men have been empowered to overcome addictions, successfully work through marital crisis, set and achieve stretch goals in their careers, and become better husbands and fathers.

Starting from the humble beginnings of a rice farming community in Texas, Randy built his career as an international tax expert through hard work and mentorship. Having spoken to thousands, he’s widely sought after for his insights.

His experience includes building and scaling teams in locations around the world including Australia and Singapore. After climbing the ranks and attaining partner status in a global accounting firm, Randy realized he was being called to a higher level of service to serve men by guiding them in building the masculine character of a leader, a lover, and a legacy

The takeaways

From the rich conversation we had about coaching teenagers these were my major takeaways:

  1. Nowadays adolescents need mentoring more than ever.

  2. Young men go through a lot of changes, and it can be pretty challenging.

  3. Being isolated with Covid they have seen many avenues to communicate shot down, so providing them a community was critical to maintain mental health while maintaining a safe environment.

  4. Parents need to be careful about the mood they project. A lot of adolescents deal with anger issues; and we should think how we as adults present ourselves to them.

  5. Adolescents will mirror our behavior; they will reflect the attitude they see in front of them, even non-verbal communication.

  6. Use positive reinforcement when talking to adolescents, specifically when they speak about not being able to manage their anger, we should reposition that conversation as “we are learning to manage it”.

  7. Teens actually do want boundaries, as they make them more secure to explore their environment. It allows them to know their limits and explore their limits in a safer way.

  8. Navigating sexual topics are important even as we as a society perceive it as a touchy subject. If you don't talk about sex with your kids, somebody else will.

  9. As adults, at times we are not even aware of our biases.

Full Podcast Episode

If you want to listen to the full episode with all of Randy's insights, just click below.

The Zeal Framework

To coach executives, Randy uses his proprietary ZEAL method.

And ZEAL Zoom in a vision of your future self, Erase behaviors and beliefs that have been holding you back, Action new ways of thinking and integrate new habits, and Leverage your brain, new tools and resources.

Part of Randy’s program focuses on building resilience to deal with challenges and adversity in the future and you can find him through his website,

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