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How to grow a network that works for you! - The 5 PILLARS TO UNPAID GROWTH

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

What every entrepreneur seeks, growth.

When you start your business, and typically afterwards as well, what people usually want is to expand their network, to amplify their reach and increase brand awareness in their perceived potential clients, nowadays typically through social media. Although it is true that there is a need to this, there is also truth in the moment in which this is needed. If you think that you will increase your footprint and brand awareness through paid adds you may be in for a rude awakening.

However, paying for ads and focusing solely on social media as a way to grow brand awareness will leave you financially unstable at best.

Even though the entre level for adds is at merely $50, the truth is that you need 100,000 impressions to get 1 or 2% clicks, and from those 2,000 clicks the conversions is also between 2 and 4% at best. So, you will need to get 100,000 impressions before you have the opportunity to have a stranger turn into a potential client, and that is not considering abandonment or content quality. So, although it may seem very tempting to jump into paid advertisement in social media to build your audience, it may not take long for this approach to leave your pockets empty.

This approach also has a hidden problem that many fail to realize at the beginning, or even acknowledge later on. When you are first starting, you are putting your offer to the test, and it is VERY LIKELY you will make adjustments based on feedback. So, running into the easy route of paid ads at the wrong time, will also lease you wondering if your content is relevant or good enough.

This self-doubt will sink in and it will undoubtedly lead to procrastinating and impostor syndrome, and ultimately very likely to a financial disaster for any small business that is just taking their first baby steps. Financial stress is not sustainable in time for small businesses and will likely lead you to your own major personal stress problem as well.

For what is worth, this is my short story

Once I started posting in social media, I didn't know "how perfect" the content had to be. Although there are a few different metrics that you can look at in regards of impressions of an add, there is very little guidance on what a good add would look like, other than being confident that you are adding value and that there is a call to action in your message.

What I have realized over time is that growing your current network is much more important on the onset of your branding than paying for ads. Ensuring that you have the full support of the people around you as it is critical not just at the beginning, but also in during your entire journey. That doesn’t mean you don't need some feedback or that you don't want to hear what other people have to say to make your product or service better. It simply means that having the right network build community, it enhances support and provides the right mindset to look for opportunities instead of just observing roadblocks.

In my case, and after paying for several ads that barely yielded any results, I have had to learn that the hard way.

So how do you Amplify and Grow your Network?

So, I designed a simple proven framework with 5 pillars to build a network that works for you. It provides you with the insights and areas of opportunity that otherwise may go unnoticed. It's called AMPLIFY YOUR NETWORK.

As we walk you through the framework, you will realize who is boosting your signal and who is lowering your bars. Adjusting the network will allow you to enable the right environment for growth, both personal and at a brand level without necessarily spending money on paid advertisements. At least not at the beginning when you need all that money spent in other ways.

The Possible Future LLC Framework -  5 PILLARS TO UNPAID GROWTH
The Possible Future LLC Framework - 5 PILLARS TO UNPAID GROWTH

I have coached quite a few individuals, and I have helped them realize if their environment was supportive enough for them to be successful or not. And while doing so they started working on adjusting their own perception and permeating the feedback they were given to allow them to grown and flourish instead of feeling diminished and demotivated.


So, if any of this resonates with you and you want to gain more insight on this framework and get access to other FREE resources you can access the link below and download the PDF to start building a supporting network, that works for you!

We are here to help you out

Do you have great ideas but you are struggling with getting organized, being productive and need to stop procrastinating?

Whether you are new to entrepreneurship or a seasoned career professional, we are here to help you be successful. We help career oriented professionals and entrepreneur minded individuals alike to become high performing individuals.


You can find more insights and useful tips in our social media posts and in our podcast (all links below) where we share some of the most visionary entrepreneurs’ mission, purpose, accomplishments, and struggles, and their take on what it took for them to be successful.


Start your own journey, sign up for a FREE Discovery Call with one of our coaches to discuss your goals and see if we could be a good fit to help you accomplish them.

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